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Trusted by 50,000+ of the world's greatest companies.

Create stunning databases that work exactly the way you want that run on every device.

With built-in templates, drag-and-drop design, and an intuitive graphical UI, you’ll be creating databases in no time. And your work goes live the second you’re ready, across every device – that's the power of FileMaker. And your databases can be easily integrated into your existing systems for a complete business solution.

Improve workflow, save time, and increase the overall efficiency of your team.

Database management solutions in FileMaker relieve businesses of repetitive manual tasks and painstaking data management. Create databases to manage your:

  • Customers, clients and contacts
  • Assets, inventory and equipment
  • Projects, events and tasks
  • Reports, invoices and more.

Why FileMaker?

No other platform has the combination of powerful tools, professional partners, learning resources, support, along with a thriving community and marketplace. More than a million problem solvers use FileMaker to transform their workplace.

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See what's possible.

See how you can innovate your business.

Unlike complex programming tools, Claris Filemaker lets you quickly create custom database solutions so you can manage and share all you important data easily. And with Filemaker, your solutions are automatically backed up, leverage the latest security, and allow you to incorporate the latest technology and OS features available.

Manage your projects, content, inventory, events, assets, contacts, and invoices the way you want.

Companies around the globe – of every size – are using Claris for their digital transformation.

  • JetBlue
  • Eli Lilly
  • Merck
  • Jacobs
  • Mayo Foundation
  • Delta
  • Nike
  • Ralph Lauren
  • P&G

Relational databases for all skill levels.

"The number one pro in my opinion is the ease in which you can start using FileMaker Databases. The templates out of the gate are well built, have a nice UI and give you the freedom to make them yours easily. Beginners can use the templates to get a taste for the FileMaker development structure while not having to climb a steep learning curve to get an app or database off the ground. For the expert user, complex systems can be made in a shorter amount of time and a GUI can be in place at the same time. The ease of use allows you to really create what you wanted."

– Stef Blount, Sole Proprietor at MRG.NYC

Try Claris FileMaker and solve even bigger challenges.

Ready to graduate to the endless possibilities of a low-code database platform? Jump into a trial of Claris FileMaker and transform your spreadsheet app into a custom app. Best of all, you're not alone. We have resources to help.

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Explore Claris Marketplace for add-ons, templates, and ready-to-use solutions from industry experts.

Watch free video-based tutorials to learn how to create and extend FileMaker database solutions.

Our partners would love to build you a custom database tailored to your specific needs.