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At Claris, we help you, the problem solver, create apps that make your business better. Rapidly build apps you can’t find anywhere — even using modern tech like cloud, mobile, and AI. Then connect them together with your other apps to automate workflows, and deliver even more value. Do it yourself with support from the Claris Community or, if you prefer, there's a Claris Partner to help.

  • Drag and drop feature rich add-ons Like kanban boards, photo galleries, barcode generators, and more.
  • Directly embed JavaScript in a web viewer Add things like maps, animated graphics, data visualization, and more to your apps.
  • Make smarter apps with AI Such as Core ML for things like like image classification and sentiment recognition, Siri Shortcuts for voice-enabled interactions, and NFC reading — all on mobile.
  • Fast track your app deployment By creating new apps directly in FileMaker Cloud from FileMaker Pro in a one-step process.
  • FileMaker Server on Linux Now available. This popular open source platform is ideal for virtual machines and bare metal deployments.

Add-ons. Drag and drop simple.

Snap together robust apps faster than ever. It's a whole new way to easily add more functionality to your apps.

Add feature rich add-ons.

Drag and drop add-ons like kanban boards, photo galleries, barcode generators, calendars, and more.

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Learn how to quickly incorporate new functionality into your apps
by using add-ons.

Explore Claris Marketplace.

Find and incorporate a variety of best-in-class add-ons created by expert Claris partners.

“The experience of dragging an add-on on to the layout and have it just spring to life takes my breath away. There will be an explosion of creativity that we have not seen since the FileMaker 7 days.”

Todd Geist Geist Interactive

Todd Geist

Extend the platform with JavaScript.

Create powerful, modern apps by using readily-available JavaScript libraries or your own custom code.

JavaScript and FileMaker scripts.

JavaScript in a web viewer and FileMaker scripts can communiate directly. Each can call the other and pass information between them.

Directly embed JavaScript in your apps.

Incorporate things like maps, animated graphics, data visualization, and more.

Examples of JavaScript libraries that can be embedded into your custom apps.

D3.js is a JavaScript library for manipulating documents based on data. D3 helps you bring data to life.

DC.js is an easy yet powerful JavaScript library for data visualization and analysis in the browser and on mobile devices.

TOAST UI Calendar is a calendar with various view types, default popups, dragging or resizing schedules and more.

Cris Ippolite
“In FileMaker 19, native support for JavaScript makes custom implementations easier than ever and new add-ons make adding hundreds of hours of JavaScript programing to your apps by simply dragging and dropping. All hail the democratization of code! JavaScript support in FileMaker 19 is an absolute game changer.”

Cris Ippolite iSolutions

Mobile AI. Smarter apps.

Unlock the potential of your data and enable rich user experiences with AI and machine learning for smarter apps.

Core ML support

Run machine learning models on your device for image classification, sentiment analysis, object detection, and more.

Support for Siri Shortcuts

Use your voice to run automations like searching for records, updating inventory, or starting a process.

NFC tag reading

Quickly get information on tagged merchandise, navigate to a specific item in a database, or check in at a kiosk.

An ecosystem you can build on.

You can start with 1,000s of customizable apps and add-ons from the industry’s most supportive community. Or, if you prefer, we have 1,400 partners around the world who would love to build your app for you, plus:

  • Supportive community: Active 50,000+ global online community that also meets regularly in-person.
  • Claris Marketplace: Curated gallery of apps, templates, tools, and training resources.
  • Partners: 1,400+ Claris Partners worldwide.
  • 24/7 support and monitoring by a team of experts.
  • Annual Claris Engage conference in multiple locations around the world.
  • In-depth learning resources: Video tutorials, how-to guides, product documentation, and more.


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