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Getting started with Claris FileMaker.

To get started, we recommend viewing our FileMaker Pro tutorial videos which quickly walk you through setting up and using FileMaker Pro apps.

Converting data demo

How to import data from formats like CSV, TAB, and XML.

Browse mode demo

Learn how to view, edit, add, and delete records.

Find mode demo

Learn how to find, sort, and summarize your data.

Layout mode demo

Learn how to display data and add new fields or objects.

Storing documents

Learn how to store documents like PDFs, contracts, and more.

Storing media

Learn how to store images, movies, audio and more.

Creating portals demo

Learn how to set up and view related records in your app.

Relating data demo

Learn how to display data and add new fields or objects.

Overview videos

See how to use FileMaker to create custom apps.

Learn about Claris FileMaker 2023 new features.

Learning resources

Learning Adventure

Discover what’s possible and learn new skills.

Claris Academy

View video tutorials and interactive modules based on your training goals.

Training courses

Attend a training course provided by Claris partners.

Linkedin learning

Learn the basics and explore advanced techniques as well as and tips and tricks.


Training videos on FileMaker and Custom App Development.


FileMaker tutorials for non-techy beginners.

In-depth training

Comprehensive training on Claris technologies.


FileMaker training for all levels of FileMaker developers.

Discover how to manage all your different projects.

Streamline your inventory management.

Build custom content management solutions.

Create flexible project management solutions.

Build powerful contact management solutions.