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ECF Records Manager

A ready-made app that's part of Claris Smart Pack.


Take a tour of the ECF Records Manager app.

Get a purpose-built, one-stop shop for automated, integrated record-keeping as mandated by the Emergency Connectivity Fund (ECF) Program. Created by Claris Platinum Partner, iSolutions, this app is designed to consolidate, manage, and store voluminous data and unlimited digital documents.

Introducing Claris Smart Pack.

With Claris, you get a full suite of ready-made apps designed to improve productivity and automate manual tasks. Claris Smart Pack also includes licensing for the entire Claris platform, including Claris FileMaker and Claris Connect.

Turnkey apps do the heavy lifting.

Get a purpose-built, one-stop shop for automated, integrated record-keeping as mandated by the Emergency Connectivity Fund (ECF) Program. Created by Claris Platinum Partner, iSolutions, this app is designed to consolidate, manage, and store voluminous data and unlimited digital documents.

  • Ready to use from the time it’s downloaded.
  • Created using scalable and secure Claris FileMaker low-code tools.
  • Developed and licensed by premier third-party Claris Partners – all with proven education software expertise.
  • Customizable, if needed, by the school or library IT staff, or by working directly with the Claris Partner who created the application.

A robust portfolio of custom education applications.

In addition to ECF Records Manager, Claris Smart Pack includes various apps to automate various processes, alleviating the burden off school staff.

Student community service

High5 Lite by EduOptics, LLC

Tracks and manages student community service from anywhere with ease.

Physical fitness data management

PhysFit PFT by EduOptics, LLC

Collects and organizes standardized physical fitness data on the playground, field, or campus.

Event check-in tracking

Event Admittance by Soliant Consulting

Streamlines the check-in process for ticketed and preregistered events.

Health screening manager

Health Screening QuestionNaire by Soliant Consulting

Easily manages daily health screenings for students and faculty to attend class or camp.

Meal delivery services

The MealID Lite by Shaman Software

Manages remote student verification and curbside meal delivery for schools.

Student transportation

bzTransport by
Beezwax Datatools, Inc.

Manages all aspects of student transport for schools and districts.

School supplies and inventory

Critical Stock Manager (CSM) Lite by Solis Digital

Simplifies the tracking and management of your school's inventory and supplies.

Event attendance

Attendance Tracker (HAT) by Harmonic Data Associates, Inc.

Tracks attendance for a variety of school events like fieldtrips, sports, crafts and more.

A complete digital collection.

With Claris Smart Pack, you get solutions developed to address a wide variety of challenges that schools face each day. You’re also icensed for unlimited problem solving with Claris FileMaker and Claris Connect.

Claris Connect

As an integration foundation, Claris Connect delivers the broad platform needed to connect the apps you choose, synchronizing data automatically and saving valuable time.

Premade connectors.

  • Leverage premade connectors to easily establish data flows between multiple apps.

Automated workflows.

  • Create automated workflows between your everyday applications — saving you time and improving data integrity.

Existing tools.

  • Get better value from the tools you already use and own.

Claris Connect links data from any app or system.

  • Such as student information systems (SIS) and mobile device managers (MDM), with any other application or solution. You can also easily connect databases, services, systems, and apps like Slack, QuickBooks, Mailchimp, DocuSign, Box, Dropbox, and more. These integrations create a seamless flow of data and eliminate countless hours of manual, repetitious work.

Claris FileMaker

Struggling with tedious tasks? Have manual processes that bog down your staff? When there’s no app for that, Claris FileMaker helps you create one. With the rapid development of custom apps, you’re ready to tackle any school task.

  • Respond quickly to unique IT requests, like adopting virtual attendance during distance learning.
  • Transform paper-driven, labor-intensive processes to simple digital tasks that can be completed in a few keystrokes.
  • Aggregate and analyze information from multiple sources and disseminate it one simple interface.
  • Gain substantial cost savings and efficiencies by running a modern public school system on a single platform.


Claris Smart Pack helps ease administrative burden.

With the Claris Smart Pack, you get a variety of ready-made education apps plus the advantages of the full Claris platform, which allows you to extend the apps for broader uses. You can also create apps that teachers, staff, and even administrators need — while trimming down the IT backlog at the same time.

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When there's no app for that, schools create them with Claris FileMaker.

Ethel Dwyer Middle School used Claris FileMaker to build a wide variety of custom apps to streamline administrative tasks, resulting in various automated processes and numerous digital efficiencies.

Beverly Public Schools considers Claris FileMaker additional IT staff.

“We wanted a single platform fo help manage our one-to-one laptop-to-student program. From there, we really started connecting FileMaker with all our other systems. Eventually, we brought in payments, addresses, and all the information from our SIS. At that point, FileMaker was our one-stop-shop for the laptop program and everything technology related.”

Steve Palomo, IT director at Beverly Public Schools

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Awarded Leader - Small Business 2021
Users Love Us
"The app has enhanced my program from labor-intensive, paper-driven input to a couple of touches on the iPad or desktop to complete tasks. In the past, entering all the locker information for each student took, at a minimum, four days. The Claris FileMaker app, can accomplish it in a day."

-Stacy Wood, Physical Education teacher at Ethel Dwyer Middle School

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