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Claris FileMaker has built-in templates, including an inventory starter app to help you track products, suppliers, stock supply, and more. Powerful new add-ons, like a barcode generator field, can take your custom app to the next level just a few clicks. Start today by downloading a free trial of FileMaker Pro.

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The Claris Academy is a free, self-paced learning platform that's designed to help you navigate FileMaker solutions, whatever your skill level or goal. This resource is the perfect companion to guide you during your 45-day Claris FileMaker trial.

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Explore products created by Claris experts from around the world. Below are just a few templates to get you started or reach out to one of our expert partners to help you create your own customized solution.

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Check out our inventory management case studies and solutions, and see how customers like you are solving business challenges.

Succeed with a custom inventory app.

Successful companies are bypassing time-consuming manual inventory control processes and outdated tech. These businesses use Claris FileMaker to create custom apps and secure a sustainable competitive edge.

Too many organizations rely on paper forms, outdated tech, and manual spreadsheets which are ill-equipped to manage the increasingly complex supply chain.

One Claris FileMaker customer was able to save £1 million per year by:

  • Automating processes.
  • Streamlining workflows.
  • Integrating applications throughout the company.

Find out what the inventory data says about your biggest suppliers and customers — and use that insight to better manage stock levels, cash flow, and customer expectations.

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“Now, data can be reliably accumulated and the whole picture is easily grasped, making planning very efficient.”
Ayaka Ehara, head of corporate orders, Yo-Ho Brewing
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